Weekly Chalkboard Dinner Menu

We recently remodeled our kitchen with a farm-like theme. Just a few more touches and it will be finished. My goal was to have a menu board that would encourage me to plan our dinners for the week. Since my new position at work, I am working longer hours, already knowing what we will be having for dinner when I get home late, allows me not to worry about coming-up with something to make or worse going out to dinner to get fast food. I can even plan for nights when I know I will be home late and make sure the meal is something my husband will cook (*J). Also, this menu planning also allows me to try new dishes which is one of my favorite things to do. I will share my menu planning for the week in another post. For now, here is my chalkboard menu board.Chalkboard Dinner Menu

I purchased a piece of chalkboard from home depot. It was around $10. I then (with the help of my wonderful husband of course), screwed the board to the side of our pantry. Next, using my Cameo Silhouette, I cut the words for the menu board out of vinyl which can be purchased from any crafts store such as Michaels or Joanns. Next, I adhered the vinyl to the chalkboard using a ruler to make sure the first letter of each word was in line. I had some clothespins left over from our wedding (purchased at the Dollar Tree), using a glue gun, I attached those to the chalkboard. The clothespins will allow me to hang-up a recipe card if I have one for the recipe I am making rather than writing it on chalkboard. (Recipe card to be shared in another post.) Last, I found an old, curtain rod hanger in our garage that I was able to attach to the bottom corner to hang the galvanized pale from. This allows me to store the chalk in a convenient and easy to get to place.

So far, the menu board is working out great. It helps me stay organized throughout the week and reduce the stress of having to figure out what to cook when I get home from work. Only problem I am now facing, if I don’t cook what’s on the menu board, my husband notices 🙂

Hope you enjoy.



Upcoming Disney World Trip with Project Life Cards

Just finishing up the last minute scrambling as we prepare for our upcoming trip to Disney World. As I was doing my project life research, I came across a blog called Project Mouse. Here is the link to their blog, http://sahlinstudio.com/project-mouse/

After going through all of their pages, I was in love with what they had created and being such a Disney fanatic family made it obvious that I had to get a majority of their bundles. So I sat down and after downloading all their files, I was able to print them out and use my Cameo Silhouette to cut out all of these cards. Now I am able  to fillout all of the cards over the course of our trip. I’m so excited to have cards for characters to sign, take down quotes from the trip, funny memories, delicious food, amazing rides and so much more.

PM cards


Here are all the bundles I got.

  • Project Mouse #1 Basics – Core Kit
  • Project Mouse #2 Leading Up to the Magic
  • Project Mouse #3 Character Moments
  • Project Mouse #4 A Day at the Park

Can’t wait to share the project life layouts when we get back.

Thanks, Crista