Goals for the New Year

As I take down my Christmas decorations and start organizing my home, I am reminded of my resolutions that I have set for myself this year. I wanted something a little different than the norm resolutions of eating better and exercising. I wanted something that I have contemplated doing over the last year and will use the new year as a jumping off point.

  1. Send homemade cards throughout year – This includes birthday cards, get well cards, engagement cards, baby announcements, Valentines Day, Halloween, Christmas and any other reason to celebrate. I began making cards about 2 years ago. I really enjoy it and have accumulated quite a lot of products from Stampin Up and local craft shops. I am finally done with law school and I have no excuses left not to send out these cards. I have even chosen the layout for the birthday card that I will be sending out this year. I will give you a hint, it has a cupcake on it.
  2. Start Project Life – I have been researching, browsing, pinning, and buying Project Life stuff for the past 3 months. I have a pretty decent stock of everything I need to begin and my craft room is almost organized. My goal with Project Life is not to complete it every week but rather have binders dedicated to certain periods of time. For example, right now I am starting a binder for 2014. This will include all the activities that occur within the year but it doesn’t have to be weekly. I have already start snapping pictures. Additionally, I am going to work on creating PL binders for events that have recently happened, like a wedding binder that includes the proposal, engagement party, shower, bachelorette party, wedding, mini-honeymoon, and honeymoon.
  3. Post a New Blog Entry Weekly – I am very new to  writing my own blog. I have been following several blogs for the last year but finally just got the nerve to start my own. There is so much to learn and I am hoping that by committing to writing a weekly blog, I will allow myself to not be frightened by this overwhelming yet intriguing process. Let’s hope I can publish this article correctly.

Hope you enjoy! Crista


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